Creative Industries Report


Activity: Research history of Creative Industries
Aim: To gather a short summarised timeline of history
Progress: Good collection of research.
Comments: Found some good sources and also found a useful short clip on growth of creative businesses.




Activity: Research significance and value of Creative Industries and compile resultrs.

Aim: To find a good documentary on this.

Progress: Didn’t find a good documentary but found some good websites.




Activity: Research key roles in CI sectors

Aim: Find high paying roles.

Progress: Found a good website to use as a resource and some interesting information which can and will be used for the report, however, I may need to cut down the amount of information.




Activity:  Research highest paying role and compile table of CI sector salaries.

Aim: To reach a conclusion of which roles are worth going for due to them paying a large amount of money to those who work those jobs.

Progress: I found great internet sources which allowed me to compare the paying salaries and see which is the top paying sector and which is the second highest paying sector, etc.

Sources: industry in the UK? [ONLINE] Available at:



Activity: Research how sectors have dealt and interacted with changing society with synergy. Research skills needed for this.

Progress: I watched a documentary on this and did not find it very informative. I used the library and internet also and found some good sources.







Creative Industries Assessment Blog!

For our Creative Industries class, we are required to write a report of approximately 1000 words on the Creative Industries and its sectors, to show my understanding and display the history, significance and value of the Creative Industries sector in the UK economy. I will update my blog with the upkeep of my report!