Creative Industries Report


Activity: Research history of Creative Industries
Aim: To gather a short summarised timeline of history
Progress: Good collection of research.
Comments: Found some good sources and also found a useful short clip on growth of creative businesses.




Activity: Research significance and value of Creative Industries and compile resultrs.

Aim: To find a good documentary on this.

Progress: Didn’t find a good documentary but found some good websites.




Activity: Research key roles in CI sectors

Aim: Find high paying roles.

Progress: Found a good website to use as a resource and some interesting information which can and will be used for the report, however, I may need to cut down the amount of information.




Activity:  Research highest paying role and compile table of CI sector salaries.

Aim: To reach a conclusion of which roles are worth going for due to them paying a large amount of money to those who work those jobs.

Progress: I found great internet sources which allowed me to compare the paying salaries and see which is the top paying sector and which is the second highest paying sector, etc.

Sources: industry in the UK? [ONLINE] Available at:



Activity: Research how sectors have dealt and interacted with changing society with synergy. Research skills needed for this.

Progress: I watched a documentary on this and did not find it very informative. I used the library and internet also and found some good sources.







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